Free shipping is provided to the following European countries and major cities. Shipping is done by our courier partners SF-Express or UPS whenever possible. Your ordered tree(s) will be shipped out from our factory in Dongguan, China within 1 to 2 business days after payment.


RegionCountries in Asia Europe
Graz, Vienna.
Antwerp, Brussels.
Plovdiv, Sofia.
Ostrava, Prague.
Arhus, Copenhagen.
Espoo, Helsinki.
Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich.
Athens, Thessaloniki.
Budapest, Debrecen.
Milan, Rome, Turin.
Amsterdam, Rotterdam.
Bergen, Oslo.
Krakow, Warsaw.
Lisbon, Porto.
Bucharest, Timisoara.
Bratislava, Kosice.
Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia.
Gothenburg, Stockholm.
Geneva, Zurich.
Birmingham, Liverpool, London, Manchester.
Oncor Recycled Christmas Trees
Oncor Recycled Christmas Trees

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